I am a doctoral student in the department of Health Education and Behavior at the University of Florida, with a minor concentration in Educational Technology. In addition to my scholarly work, I am also serving on the Boards for two nonprofit organization as Director: Breastfeeding USA and Florida Breastfeeding Coalition. Please click on the organization names to check them out. The purpose of this e-portfolio is to showcase my design and development skills obtained towards my certificate in Online Teaching and Learning, which serve as a complement to my research and advocacy skills. Thanks for visiting!

Image Editing

I can use image editing software to design logos and edit images.

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Web Design

I am proficient in html, css, and javascript to build websites.

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Video Production

I can create video content to add a visual learning dimension to curricula.

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Digital Animation

I can use animation software to add an edutainment element.

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I can use screencasting to make the learning process feel more personal.

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My Blog

Reflections on life as an autism mom, grad student, and breastfeeding advocate.

Milk and Equity